Fort Macleod Boardroom Rental

Located in the quiet and accessible office of South Country Doors in Fort Macleod, our spacious boardroom offers the perfect setting for your next meeting or small-scale event. For just $50 an hour, you can enjoy the use of our large, well-appointed boardroom that comes equipped with modern amenities including a high-definition TV with an HDMI connection and reliable internet access. The room's generous size and professional setup makes it the ideal choice for hosting client meetings, team brainstorming sessions, or any gathering that requires a private space.

Request To Book Our Boardroom

We have an easy-to-use booking request form here to request use of the boardroom. Please fill out the form to request a date and time. If you have any additional questions or special requests, we encourage you to use the form or reach out via email to

Our boardroom's secluded location within our office building guarantees privacy, as the area experiences minimal foot traffic, providing a serene environment where you can focus and work effectively without interruptions.

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